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The Sketchbattle JR online car sketching classes are fun, live virtual classrooms where students and instructor interact in real time while giving live demonstrations. Available are 3 hour classes for beginners and intermediate students.  

When you are signed up, the instructor will send you a link to the ZOOM virtual meeting room. You do not need to download ZOOM to join the meeting.  


If you agree, we would love to promote your work on our Instagram and Facebook pages.




To get the full benefit of the classes, the student should have access to computer or tablet with a webcam/ microphone with internet. Phones work but will not be as easy to follow the class due to their limited screen size.

Manual/ hand drawing lessons

- Paper: white, unnlined, letter sized. I like to use both cheap photocopy paper and sometimes my sketchbook.

- Ball point pen, Bic is the best brand

- Pencil, mechanical pencil is ideal

- Eraser

- Circle template (not compulsory)

Hand rendering (on special request):

- Cool Grey 1,3,5,7 Markers

- White gouache

- Size 1 watercolor soft paintbrush

- Black Prisma Color Pencil

Digital lessons

-Adobe Photoshop/ Illustrator: computer capable of running the programs. Ideally a pen enabled scree, or tablet.

-iPad/ Procreate: iPad capable of operating Procreate and the Procreate app

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