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APRIL 13, 2024

Newlab @ Michigan Central
2050 15th St. Detroit, MI 48216


Prizes include:

  1. CCS Automotive Design Summer Camps and

  2. GM’s youth design program, YMAD (Youth, Modelers, Artists, Designers)

  3. Limited edition, signed large-scale art print from Sketchbattle founder Brook Banham

  4. Set of Blick art materials

For parents who want to learn about design education and career paths for their children, we're hosting a panel discussion with senior designers and college professors.


Sketching Theme: Design a Vehicle for Your Favorite Hero

  • Choose YOUR hero: This can be anyone you admire or find inspiring, whether fictional or real. Think about a superhero, a character from a movie or a book, a scientist, an anime character, or someone you know in real life who is really special to you.

  • Design a vehicle: Think about what kind of vehicle would suit your hero perfectly. Would it be a fast car, a spaceship, or even a magical unicorn carriage? Think about what your hero likes to do and their adventures, and then design a vehicle that fits them perfectly.

  • Showcase your creativity: Use your imagination and artistic skills to bring your vehicle design to life on paper. You can draw it from different angles, add cool details, and make it look just like how you imagine your hero's dream ride.

  • Most importantly, have fun! This is your chance to be creative and draw something totally awesome that shows how much you love your hero. So, let your imagination run wild and enjoy creating your very own hero-inspired vehicle!


Winning Criteria

  • How the vehicle idea relates to your hero 

  • Level of thought and creativity of the vehicle idea

  • How the vehicle idea is expressed through the sketch

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